A Writing Conference held entirely
for teachers and by teachers
in all subject areas K-16
at the SUNY Cortland Corey Union

Dates Forthcoming

Recent Keynote speaker Dr. Kelly Wissman: “Cultivating a ‘Beloved Community’: Collaborative Composing with Words and Images”


Writing Matters VI

SUNY Cortland

Writing to Learn / Learning to Write

Breakfast at 8:00 | Keynote at 9:00 | Sessions 10:00 – 4:00

K-12 Teachers register at TST BOCES
College faculty register here

Graduate students register here
$50 Conference Fee | Special Rate for Graduate Students | Presenters do not pay fee


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Each session is led by an experienced teacher who shares a classroom strategy that uses writing to get the message across.  Whether you teach science, Social Studies, English, elementary education, or any other subject, we welcome your proposal to lead a session for teachers.  The key to getting your proposal accepted is that you tell us how you are challenged to get kids to learn (how photosynthesis works; how to workshop a paper; how to understand a concept in math; how to write to a penpal) and you will lead us through the process.  Most successful proposals have the audience of 10-15 teachers write, share their writing, talk, and write some more.  We think the best way to illustrate the use of writing is to have people actually write!  Go here to start your proposal: [up soon].

Presentations at the Writing Matters conferences are practical and participant driven.

Teachers leave Writing Matters VI with effective and engaging ways to use writing in their classrooms, no matter the content area or level (K-16 and across the curriculum).

All sessions will allow audience participants to write, talk and collaborate.
Writing Matters is open to all grade level teachers K-16 and across the curriculum.

FORMAT:  The most common format is for teacher-presenters to lead either singly or in a team of two.  Presenters are always also participants, writing with the group, making knowledge in the process.  Discussion and writing in various media (computer, post-its, notebook paper, annotations, lists) are common, and each session will provide teachers with a handout that summarizes the session’s writing process.

MORE INFORMATION: Write or call the Seven Valleys Writing Project Director directly: David Franke at 607-753-5945, or 7VWP@cortland.edu