Writing Matters Conference


Theme: What Comes after the Writing Process?

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THEME: The SUNY Cortland Writing Matters III theme is “What Comes after the Writing Process?” How can the writing classroom go beyond the conventional “read-discuss-submit” paper sequence?  How can I do more than merely assign writing? What are effective new ways to use writing in my classroom?

INTERACTIVE SESSIONS: Presentations at the Writing Matters conferences are practical and participant driven. The goal is for teachers to leave Writing Matters III with effective and engaging ways to use writing in their classrooms, no matter the content area or level (K-12 and across the curriculum).  

EXAMPLES: Proposals are invited from teachers who can share interactive ways to 

  • new genres for classroom writing and storytelling;
  • propose ways to to hold school-wide or beyond-school writing;
  • identify small, subtle ways to sneak in writing that will help students focus and reflect
  • showcase ways to use digital writing media
  • ways to make writing collaborative
  • links between content areas (art and writing, literature and history, etc).
  • “creative” ways to have students write

All sessions will allow audience participants to write, talk and collaborate.
Writing Matters III is open to all grade level teachers K-16 and across the curriculum.  

FORMAT: The most common format is for teacher-presenters to lead either singly or in a team of two.  Roundtable discussions of 4-6 teachers on a relevant topic are also encouraged, but be sure to identify a chair who will organize the session, and describe how you’ll have participants (and leaders!) write in the session.   In all sessions, the audience and presenters are predominantly classroom teachers and writers.

FUNDAMENTALS: Coffee, lunch, technology and close parking are provided. Sessions 8:30  – 3:30.  Session proposals are due February 15.  $25 Conference fee: register at MyLearningPlan.  Conference session leaders are exempt from fee.  

MORE INFORMATION: 607-753-5945, or 7VWP@7VWP.com


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