Panel Proposal for Writing Matters 2020

Panel Topics: Relevant to the art of teaching writing, with a focus on how writing might help teachers and/or students reflect and recharge their ideas and energy
Panel Length: 50 Minutes
Form: Interactive with writing component

Submission Deadline: March 15th at 9:00 PM
Ready?  Proposal submission Link: click here 

Our focus is on how writing can provide a “breathing space” for teachers (and students) to reflect on their learning, their goals, and their experiences and use those reflections to go more deeply into a topic.  Reflecting can provide a respite from the usual ways of doing things, allowing teachers (and students!) to recharge.

The key to getting your topic proposal accepted is to show how your class can use writing to understand a concept, solve a problem, extend an idea. When possible, ground your panel proposal in something from your classroom — how photosynthesis works; how to workshop a paper; how to understand a concept in math; how to teach students a new way to argue about history — and you teach us through the process by having us use writing.

Successful proposals have the audience of 10-15 teachers write, share their writing, talk, and write some more. We think the best way to illustrate the use of writing is to have people actually write!

Seven Valleys is more than happy to help support you as you draft your panel proposal. Each session is about 50 minutes long.

Practicing teachers lead 100% of the panels.